Friday, September 20, 2019

Holy Child JV Soccer Practice 9/19

Look at that form! 
Andrew with the GOOOOAAALLL! 
Chris knocked me down with this booming kick
Loved this battle for the ball
Gabby is playing great defense
Garrett putting himself in postion to receive the pass
Grant pushing the ball up the field
Lauren looking to score another goal
Patrick with the save 
I take some great pictures
who is going to win this battle?
Sean trying to keep it away from Lauren
love the competitiveness 
Nice defense
Tom is not going to let Garrett by him

Group Photo

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Holy Child Varsity Soccer Practice 9/17/19

Tuesday's practice was much needed for the Varsity team. We had a discussion about what type of team we are and what style of play is best for us to win games moving forward. We ran several drills that focused on crisp passing and finding an optimal space on the field to receive the pass back.  I reiterated that we have to practice with the same intensity that we play the games with. We ended with a very competitive scrimmage and I felt we accomplished the goals I had set for practice.

Ella moving the ball up the field

Aidan on defense

Lily on the attack

Ava attacking the net

Hard work on 3!

JJV Practice 9/26